marinaBorn in Italy and still working in her home country, Mabe is now known and she exhibits in some of the most important European cities.

Painter, sculptress and graphic designer, she enhanced her knowledge through workshops and studies in the Fine Arts Academy of Venice. Her first exhibition was a collective art show, sponsored by Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, in 1992 at the Italian pavilion of the Biennale of Venice. Since then, her work and talent have been appreciated thanks to several exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad, arriving to the Louvre in 2009 where her work, “Silenzio a piedi nudi” (Barefooted silence), was displayed in the international exhibition of contemporary art.

Since 1992, she started to alternate works in gypsum alabaster, clay, mahogany and stone with her first bronzes. It was in 1996 when she started to work and experiment with synthetic compounds. That lead her to a new way of working, seeking basic lines and a fine finish in works of significant size and great impact, made with marble resin. In these new works, there is a constant confrontation with her bronzes, whose main feature is the richness of details.

The main theme of Mabe’s works is the SILENCE, as a concept and as a value.
The pursuit of silence has become for her an exercise, an art and a privilege. Through her works, invaluable means in this quest, she tries to catch and appreciate the silence. In this way, art is not an end in itself but, as appointed by John Paul II and emphasized by the artist, it raises the spirit and brings us to share thoughts and values.

In art, the silence fortifies the supreme strength of beauty and the core of the message. A special evolution of this project consists of sculpture-jewels: real art installations able to evoke poetry and ancestral legacies. They are made with a mix of stucco, clay and silver.

Finally, her sculpture-paintings bring her eclectic artistic quest to a close.